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Welcome to Quick Rig Fishing Products

Koga 7/0’s Back in Stock

Everyone “Catches” using Quick Rig. Our goal is to find a way to get our best fishing tackle to you. The Internet is the answer. After reviewing marketing ideas of other successful competitors, we agree with their philosophy. “If you can’t find the Quick Rig products you want at your local tackle store or in a catalog,” then we encourage you to take advantage of this website. It is not our intent to neither compete against nor undercut our retailers.

Click “Help Me Howard” and I will do my best to guide you through each page of this site. What ever I miss is an email away to get more information.

“Rigs and tips” you will find helpful and informative ideas and videos.

Click “Fish Stories” and see what is happening to other fishing friends. Send us your pictures and stories and we will be happy to post them so everyone who shares our passion for fishing can dream along.

We set up a Garage Sale section. We really don’t sell garages; I don’t know why they are called that. A garage is an angler’s special place for very important things. Anyway we will post special sale items at cheap prices.

Click “New products” will be just that. New products that even some stores haven’t had a chance to see. Best of all we are constantly inventing and reinventing products and we can give you hints of what’s coming soon.

One’s creativity starts with rethinking what’s wrong. The future is here today, don’t wait for tomorrow.